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Twisted Pixie Pot mini tuts

On this page will be some mini tuts, for little miniature ideas to put in your Twisted Pixie Pots :)

The tutorial for the hollow pot and the twisted cane is available on etsy.




This first installment will have some halloween ideas, I think its fun to just cut small twisties in the season or theme colors and set them inside, but its also fun to make up some mini beads.

I have lots of halloween ideas and Im sure once you get the jist of making off mandrel mini's youll have plenty of ideas of your own! Its also cool to make murrini and add the slices to your pots.


Lets start with the pumpkins?


encased green stringer for stem


I start with an encased stringer of green, so its thicker than it appears on the finished project.

keeping the green stringer in my left hand just out of the flame, I melt a pea size ball of orange to it, kind of wrappig it on. and just letting the ball itself in the flame to round out. not the stringer of green!


Allow this ball to cool so that you can grab it with your tweezers, without misshaping it. once you have the ball of the pumpkin held with your tweezers melt off the stem, if the stem is too long, you can swipe it with a cool rod of green to remove some, you can also, let cool and simply cut it off with your nippers.


 Thats that.

Lets make a witches hat.


thick black stringer



Heat the tip of your Black stringer in the flame to make a tiny ball, then press that flat against your marver. (this is the brim of your hat.



grasp your hat right above the brim with your tweezers, using as narrow of a flame as you can cut the stringer off, pulling to a point. This first picture is taken out of the flame but this actual pulling and flame cutting is done in the flame, just hard to catch a picture of.

Your top of your hat will be way too long right now, so heat the tip and with your cold black stringer pull some off by swiping it.



2 white stringers


Heat the tip of your white stringer just barely, let it kind of fall to one side.

Add  tiny dot to the other side of it.

Heat gently in the flame, just to fuse new dot on.

let cool for a few seconds, then grasp just behind the knuckle you have made with your tweezers, and cut about 1/2 inch in the flame.

Now add a tiny dot on each sice of your flame cut end.

Heat those two dots in the flame to fuse, just let it rest in the edge of the  flame.


Eye Balls


small clear boro rod for a punty.

white stringer

transparent blue or green stringer.

black stringer


heat up a pea size ball of white on your stringer, attach it to your boro punty (cold) rod, rotate and make nice and round, use gravity.

while youre making this eye make sure and only heat the soft glass portion in the flame, (white) you dont want to heat up the boro at all.)


On the top of this white ball add a small dot of transparent blue or green, or brown etc.  for the iris. Melt in gently , remember not to heat the boro up.

Once you have it nice and rounded and melted in add a tiny dot of black for the pupil.


Melt in,  and round out.


Let cool and over something to catch it, I use a marble mold, with your tweezers or pliers give it a swift smack at the base where the boro meets the soft glass, it will pop right off.


Now if you want to smooth out the tiny nipple left from the connection to the punty, pick up the eye ball with your tweezers, and veryyyyyyy carefully set the rough edge in the flame for a second, remove. repeat till its gone.


you can also dremel the rough spot off. if you dont have the patience to do this slowly and carefully.


these would be cute done in green too, to make lil boogie men :)


2 white stringers

black stringer


First make a small ball of white on the end of one of your stringers.

On the side of it add three dots two smaller ones for eyes and one for a mouth (in black)


gently heat these in, only letting the tip of the ball rotate in the flame, do not heat up your stringer part, it will get to soft and your head will fall off :)

Add a larger dot of white glass to the head, rotting the newly added dot in the flame, to fuse on to the head.


heat the body up till softly glowing, and with a cold rod or stringer pull on the bottom of the ghost and flame cut off.

Let cool a few seconds and grip the lil ghosts neck with your tweezers. 

We are going to melt the stringer off the top of his head. just like we did the witches hat, it may need to be heated and swiped off with a cold stringer to make it pretty.


 I just anneal all these tiny peices in a fiber blanket,

I will add the candy corns tomorrow, the pictures simply sucked, ha.