Ever After...
Artistry in Glass

~Fancy Smancy Heart Murrini~

By Laurie D. (me)


Nice thick mandrel for a punty, I use  5/32 or 1/4

Red Glass

White Glass

1 thick rod youve melted a maria on, for your second punty, that you will use to pull the cane.

1 fancy smancy heart optic mold  The one I use is Marvy Brand 1 inch, its in a green casing, I bought mine at Michaels,It is available at Joanns too, and online at http://www.marvy.com/

* not all paper punches work,when you turn the package over, and press on it like your punching the paper, you will see  if the punch is hollow, and thats what you want, the inside part to be hollow. I will take a picture.. I looked at some fiskar ones that would work, but the heart part would be alot more shallow than you want..

Butter knife or screwdriver to take the punch out of its casing.

O.K. so here is a picture of the punch upside down, there will be a little plastic sleeve covering it, but its clear and you can see through it, see how the heart is hollow in the center, thats what you need.

With your butter knife or screwdriver take off the top cover of the punch, its really pretty easy to do.

The top part with he white plastic thingy, is what you want to pull out,

Ta Da, the heart right side up on the right side of this picture above is what you now call your fancy smancy optic mold.

Lets Make hearts!

Heat your punty mandrel up inthe flame, make it nice n glowing on the tip, with the center color of your hearts add some glass, keep adding until you have a nice marble about the size of a large grape.Then Marver it on your mrver into a barrel.

Now heat your barrel up in the flame, tipping it downwards letting it make a long blooby thingy :)

When the tip is more narrow than your Fancy Smancy optic mold, get ready! your going to push this directly into the mold. If at first you dont succede, reheat to a blob, barrel then droop, then press again, dont worrky if a little bit hangs out the top as long as you get a nice heart shape at least 1/2-34 inches long to make these,

With the outside color youre using on your hearts, make a nice thick stripe down the top indent of the heart.

Melt in a little then starting at the bottom of the hearts V stripe encase from front to back, right to left, Like so..

Finish encasing all around, then repeat.

Heat gently carefully not to twist, till your enasec stripes are almost smooth.

Attach Glass Punty, gently heat entire thing, in the flame, do not heat too much near the mandrel or on the glass punty, and do not twist, if youre rotating the mandrel you must also rotate the glass punty, till it is nice and glowing, not soupy!

Remove from flame, count to three, and gently start pulling, the thickest part of the pull should be angled upwards..pull slowly theres a lot of heat built up inside, you dont want minnie hearts,

You should get about a good 12 inch pull at least :)

Set down on your surface to cool off for a few minutes, when it is cool to the touch, you can snip this into about 6 inch peices using good wheel rod cutters, and slip these into your kiln to anneal if youd like, I cut my Slices as soon as its cool enough I can hold it, then let them rest on a hot plate, for a couple hours.

So Hopefully youve made these!!!!

This batch I made with pink opaque inside, and black outside, I think the trasnprency of the black ate a bit into the opaque pink, so they arent as chubby of hearts, like the red and white,

Live n learn!!

So there ya have it I heart you!!!!