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Footprints in the Sand Tutorial

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After going through about 50 insurance claimes from getting the elves to walk across my molten glass beads really fast, I had to come up with another way to do this!!!

This tutorial will teach you how to make a beach scene type bead, with little footprints walking along the shore,

Inspired by the foot prints in the sand poem..

how to make and apply silvered ivory stringer, etc.

alot of fun, and even a neat lil cool secret trick!


You will also learn how to sculp a simple Conch type seashell as an added bonus!


This tutorial is geared towards the intermediate lampworker,

this e-book will be sent to you via email after reciept of payment

I cannot offer any refunds on this.


I do have a copyright on this tutorial I ask that you do not share, copy or sell it, amke your friends get thier own!

Make, sell, gift the beads you make from this tut! wnjoy and have fun!!!

I do hope that you expand on it, and use your own imagination in creating your work!

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