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Posted by everafterartistry on June 10, 2013 at 7:40 AM

*** Note take a deep breath this may be the worlds most random run on sentence you have encountered, welcome to my nightmare  (broke out in song again) thought process.

Good morning, 

We have been spending any free time we can muster up painting our barn, yes we have a barn, we are not allowed to have chickens in our tiny Mayberry town, but we have a barn dammit.. Painting the barn, hauling and spreading gravel on our drive, working on getting some displays done up that I can use for the community market, down at the Glass Center Gallery and in Grants Antique mall. I have finished 3 out of 9 of those. I figure if I have 5 projects going eventually I will get 3 done.

These are my first displays, I even cut my own wood :) 

I really love how they are turning out. I will be working on these a bit today too, hopefully get a couple more done. The butterfly pendants on them are made from a 2 part apoxy clay, fun freakin stuff! hand painted, and adorned with swarovski crystals and signed. If you are interested in one, shoot me an email to Everafterart@aol.com  $ 40.00free shipping.

I have even managed to get some glass done this week, been working on a large special order,  A new Rose design, OMG I thought about these and made them in my head for two days before sitting down to try them out, Love at first sight, If I had two nickels to rub together I would keep one of the sets. 

These are up for sale on ebay, 

Mojo roses

princess roses

In the center of each rose is a ribbon rose style bud, wrapped around with bloomed petals, soooooo pretty. You want some???? http://www.ebay.com/sch/everafterartistry/m.html?item=151059227418&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562

its a dreary rainy day around here today, one of those rainy days and Mondaysssssssss, (yes I just broke out in song!) (my dogs just gave me the look)

I am chipping away at getting traffic back to my website, admittedly I am a facebook addict and sometimes updating my blog seems redundant. 

I have been low carbing it for over a month, Im trying to get back into my aol 4.0 size, Im down to my aol 7.0 size, and yesterday I had a cheat day, I ate a dark chocolate milky way, MERCY felt like I was eating cubes of sugar, and we had pizza. I dont even like pizza, but it was great (yesterday) This morning my face is puffy, my eyes are watery, and my tummy is in distress. I wouldnt jump on the bandwagon of having a gluten allergy, I do know wether I am low carbing or not, I cant mix suagr and wheat products like donuts, muffins, raspberry zingers together. always a sure reason to eat gaviscons for me, I dont know why, sugar alone is fine, wheat alone is fine, mix the two...

Oh!!! I have some mixed media peices I am working on too! anddddddddddd I HAVE AN IDEA!!!! 

I truly am working on breaking my day up into two hour increments, (time management  a forgien dirty word to me)

Will you be a real friend and help keep me on track????  pleaseeeeeee

Tomorrow I have some more news for you! mmm hmmmmm

Oh I forgot to mention the camera and couch monster! OK so I wanted to take pictures to pimp out on facebook of our progress with the barn, and my dispays etc. where is my new camera????? I always upload my pics here and have to attach my camera to the computer to do so, so it has to be right around this spot right? NO, well sort of, I dug in every sofa cushion, tipped the sofa over, found all kinds of interesting things tucked under it. no camera, crap! soooo I bust out the old reliable camera, find its card, cord etc, charge the batteries it takes. and use it all the while thinking Im not even done paying for my new camera! ^%^$^*%$ where the hell could it be??? I go in a search rage, tip the couch over tear a small hole in the lining underneath, (what is that for anyways?) hear some clunking, and some treasures fall out! nail clippers, a hand mirror, pens (4) a pair of tweezers three M n M's  and a pair of thongs. I gave Steve a stern questioning look for, and his reply was "what??? I stopped wearing thongs years ago," No camera, I get vicious, tear back more of the lining, get out a flashlight, and start investigating! ta freakin da! there she is! I knew it! now, looking at the pictures I took with my old camera, and the struggles I have had with color on my new camera etc, I have decided I like my old camera better.  Go figure.

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