Ever After...
Artistry in Glass


I have been working with the flame for several years now, and enjoying every minute of it!!

All my life since I was knee high to a grasshopper, Ive enjoyed art, flowers, and glass. and this gave me the outlet to combine them all.

I started Lampworking while I was working in a bead store, I ran across Corinas passing the flame book, and gave it a quick glance and bam, I knew this is what I wanted to do!

I ordered my torch, some glass, a kiln, etc.. and started making beads at my kitchen table!

Working in the Bead store I had come to the conclusion there werent enough focals, or anything that just stood out!

So I knew I would lean towards sculpting glass, and making Focals. I made one round bead..then attempted a duck and a rose, we wont talk about what my first rose looked like, (wink)

But I was totally addicted, we joke about that in the lampworking community, but it really isnt a Joke, It encompasses almost everything I do now, I walk to the store n see flowers that are screaming to be made!!!

So you want the dirt? I am scatterbrained, I have 450 wheels churning in my head at 1 time, Look something shiney!

I have ADD, I just wish I had the ADHD so I had the energy to do and make all the things I think of doing..

When I was merely a tadpole in the pond of life, My father built this great Playhouse for me, being the only girl with 3 brothers it was my princess castle. I wish I had a picture, it was awesome. he had built himself a big double door shed, and left a flat roof on it, then covered it like a gazebo, and built me a ladder to climb up, he linoliumed the foor, (is that a word?) and built me cabinets etc.. and It was all mine.. not that my brothers didnt play G>I> joe off it sometimes. ha at anyrate I remember sitting up there on hot summer days with this little book on how to draw flowers, and a box of colored pencils, I could do this for days it felt like. and the strawberry patch just below my castle helped to ward off hunger pains. I Loved to draw.

I have decorated cakes, done floral arranging, even painted figurines for hanna barbera, looney tunes, disney and warner brothers, I have always loved art in one form or another, and glass. I loved the glass bird figurines, and collected them and fish, I collected old bottles, glass always mesmerized me.. When I discovered I could actually light a torch and design my own.. my paints n pastels now get a little lonely!  Glass seems to fit my ADD so nicely, you have to work fast n furious, but then youre done!

I Love this medium! I Love my Job! I so appreciate everyones encouragement! and kind words

I want to thank people here.. but I know this is just a short about me page..lol and not an awards ceremony...

I spend a couple hours a day on average studying flowers or critters or whatever it is Im inclined to make, Im a sucker for detail. and color combos, many times I find I have to actually mix the colors I want, But as long as Im in the flame Im happy.. Ok not literally in the flame, come to find out I have magical regenerating thumb on my right hand, and Im really not certain my fingerprints can be identified by the FBI anymore, One time actually a big blob of molten glass flew up and down my shirt landing nicely right between "the girls" OW!!!

Im a mother of two awesome kids! well young adults now, Ashlee and Josh, both very supportive of their weird mom..

My Mother and my guy have been my total rocks! and spring boards for ideas, generally I go against them, to thier dismay, but I guess I still have some of that teenage rebellion residing within me.  and I generally learn I should have lsitened to them in the long run, but even my mistakes are exciting lil road bumps in my life. I almsot think of it as my NEW LIFE, I'm really so happy. Now If I could just get more Organized...Thinner, Richer, I would be a super starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ya! (grinning)

I have no real formal training, there were a ew forums and outlets online to learn from when i started, now its amazing the resources that are available!! and check this out!!! I'm one of them!!! Who would have ever ever thought?!!!!!!!!


As usual this page is a work in progress, try as I might, I myself am a work in progress, but I think I'm pretty cool.. even if my kids think Im a nut...